Online Supporting Information S1.The benchmark dataset contains 878 AMPs and 2,405 non-AMPs. The AMP sequences are further classified into five subsets according to their functional types, where subset-1 contains 770 antibacterial peptides; subset-2, 140 anticancer/tumor peptides; subset-3, 366 antifungal peptides; subset-4, 86 anti-HIV peptides; and subset-5, 124 antiviral peptides. An AMP sequence may belong to more than one functional type. Of the 878 AMP sequences, 454 belong to one functional type, 296 to two functional types, 85 to three functional types, 30 to four functional types, and 13 to five functional types. Click download to get the entire benchmark dataset.

Online Supporting Information S2.The independent dataset contains 920 AMP sequences and 920 non-AMP sequences. Click download to get the independent dataset.

Online Supporting Information S3.The examination results of different physicochemical properties and other feature extraction methods. Click download to get the supporting information.
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