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The web-server iLoc-Animal was established for predicting the subcellular localization of both singleplex and multiplex animal proteins, which are classified into the following location sites:
  1. acrosome;
  2. cell membrane;
  3. centriole;
  4. centrosome;
  5. cortex;
  6. cytoplasm;
  7. sytoskeleton;
  8. endoplasmic reticulum;
  9. endosome;
  10. extracellular space;
  11. Golgi apparatus
  12. lysosome;
  13. mitochondrion;
  14. melanosome;
  15. microsome;
  16. nucleus;
  17. peroxisome;
  18. plasma membrane;
  19. spindle;
  20. synapase
To obtain the predicted result with the anticipated success rate, the entire sequence of the query protein rather than its fragment should be used as an input. A sequence with less than 50 amino acid residues is generally deemed as a fragment. Also, a sequence with more than 10 consecutive character of "X" is not a valid input because containing too many unknown amino acids.